Jewelry Designers! Here’s an Impulse Item to Sell at Your Next Jewelry Show!

white gold diamond ring

If you’re serious about marketing your handmade jewelry, you may want to consider designing some add on items to sell to your the customers who puchase your handmade jewelry.  Here’s a nice little impulse item you can display beside the checkout station in your craft show booth or on your website.

As you know, Americans love their pets and are always looking for new ways to pamper them. Why not use some beads and charms to make a quick and easy pet collar pendant?

1. Start by finding a large lobster claw clasp that can be hooked onto the “O” ring of a dog collar.

2. Add a cute charm of a dog breed or a word charm to a piece of tiger tail. Slide it to the middle of the piece of tigertail and bring the two ends together at the top holding the ends together to create a double strand.

3. String beads with slightly larger holes onto the double strand of tigertail. Pull the beads down the double strand until they rest against the charm in the middle.

4. Keep stringing beads until you come to within 2 inches of the top of the double strands.

5. Add a large crimp bead. Pull the crimp bead down until it’s resting against the top bead.

6. Add the lobster claw clasp.

7. With the lobster claw attached, loop the double stranded tigertail back through the crimp bead and through the top two beads on the tigertail. Pull down on the double strand until the clasp rests firmly against the crimp bead.

8. Use your crimp pliers to tighten the crimp bead as you normally would for a necklace.

9. Trim the excess tigertail that sticks out through the beads after tightening so no excess tigertail is visible.

10. Attach the lobster claw to the “o”ring on your dog’s collar and he now has a pendant for his dog collar!

Place your new dog collar pendants in a basket next to your checkout station with a sign that reads, “Designer Pendants for the Well Dressed Pet” You may want to display a collar with a pendant attached so people can see how easy quick and easy it is to turn an ordinary dog collar into a doggy designer one!

Price your dog jewelry for under $10.00 and you should have an impulse item you can sell quickly and easily at your next craft or jewelry show.

You should be able to realize a nice profit on these pendants since they don’t require alot of time of expensive supplies.

Who knows? Maybe the demand will be so great you’ll launch a whole line of dog jewelry!

If you need more secrets for selling handmade jewelry at craft shows, jewelry shows, festivals, and other events, make sure you check out the rest of the website.