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Make More Money By Increasing Your Jewelry Making Productivity

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One of the most difficult aspects of working for yourself is the challenge of maximizing your productivity. If you own your own jewelry design business, you know how difficult it can be to juggle jewelry design and manufacture with the challenges of marketing, attending craft shows etc. if you’re in business for yourself, every wasted minute is lost income for your business.

Can you really afford that? It’s easy to get distracted if you don’t have a structured environment to work in. You need a plan to increase your productivity. Here’s how to stay on track and be more productive when you work on your own:

  1. Learn to wake up earlier in the morning. If you could add an extra hour to your day each day, your productivity would increase significantly. Chances are, you sleep more than you really need to. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier the first week and incrementally set it earlier by 15 minutes until you’ve shaved off an hour of sleep. This will give you body time to adjust ot a new sleep pattern so you won’t experience unnecessary fatigue from the change. Use that extra hour to brainstorm new jewelry designs, create marketing materials, update your website etc. You’ll be surprised by how much more you’ve accomplished by the end of the week.
  2. Turn your telephone ringer down and your voice mail on. During hours you’ve dedicated to jewelry designs and marketing, don’t  let the phone be a distraction. Your trusty voice mail will do the job for you. You can choose a designated time at the end of the day to return phone phone calls. A constantly ringing phone is a major distraction and a big productivity waster.
  3. Remove distractions from your work environment. Your designated workspace and jewelry making area should be off limits to children and pets during your established work hours. Make it clear that you’re working during this time and will be overjoyed to spend quality time with them once your work is complete.
  4. Use a timer to designate a set period of time to complete a particular task. This will prevent unnecessary dawdling and procrastination. Once the timer goes off, move onto another project with another established time limit. You’ll soon learn to stay focused enough to complete the task within the designated time interval.
  5. Resist the temptation to check your email for jewelry orders and bids on your jewelry auctions during your designated work time. This is a very common time waster for the self employed. Set a time at the end of the day to answer all emails.
  6. Set an arbitrary time for meals and stick to it. Frequent trips to the refrigerator to get a snack or prepare a meal will zap your productivity more quickly than almost anything. Once you’re in the kitchen, you’re sure to be distracted by any number of other time wasters that can be put off until the end of the day. Establish your meal times and stick with them.
  7. Establish your goals on a daily and weekly  basis. Have an established list of tasks that you update on a daily basis. When you complete your tasks within your established time frame, give yourself a small reward for a job well done. A “to do” list will help to keep you focused and eliminate confusion regarding what to do next.
  8. Take the time to organize your workspace and jewelry making area at the end of the day. You don’t need to waste excess time the next day trying to find a tool or a finding.. Make sure everything you need to complete the next day’s tasks is easily accessible.

By putting these tips into practice, not only will you increase your jewelry making productivity, you’ll also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at having completed the tasks you set out to do. When you finally do take a break, you’ll be satisfied to know how much more you’ve accomplished