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Another Excellent Niche Market for Handmade Jewelry


You probably already know that I’m really big on niche markets. Marketing to a rather narrow niche of handmade jewelry buyers can give you a distinct competitive edge with the particular market you’re targeting. Plus, it can open up entirely new markets for you that other jewelry designers won’t have access to.

One market that has a large and focused group of jewelry buyers is the horse lovers market. This group includes people who own horses, show horses, horse motif collectors, and people who just plain love horses. Members of this group are always looking for a way to express their love for anything “horsey”. In fact, last month 2,996 people searched for the term “horse jewelry” on Overture.

Fortunately, for you, it’s fairly easy to adapt your current jewelry to meet the needs of the horse market. You can do this by adding interesting horse charms in the shape of horses, horse shoes, words, and motifs such as saddles to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Designing for the horse market doesn’t necessarily require a major overhaul of your current jewelry line.

One particularly appealing aspect of selling handmade jewelry to horse lovers are the new markets that become available to you. You can market your handmade horse jewelry at horse shows, tack shops, veterinary offices, and horse boarding facilities.

Of course, you can also set up a website to sell your handmade horse jewelry and exchange links with other websites that have a horse related theme. You could even consider placing a small ad in one of the horse related magazines on the market. An ad in one of these magazines may do very well since you’re marketing to a very targeted group of buyers.

If you want to see an example of an Ebay seller who seems to be successful selling her horse themed jewelry, visit this link.  From my own investigations into the market for horse themed jewelry, I believe a handmade jewelry designer who creates high quality, artisan style horse themed jewelry should do quite well. Most of the items I’ve seen on online auctions appeared mass produced and of inferior quality.

If you’re tired of the general craft and jewelry show circuit and want to tighten your focus a bit, why not consider trying your hand at designing horse themed jewelry? It may not only be more lucrative but it can also be a way to simplify and focus your handmade jewelry business.

By the way, I’ve received several emails from readers who are having success selling their handmade jewelry at this gallery. One reader says she sold two jewelry pices the first day she listed them. If you’re interested in giving them a try, you can access a free 14 day trial through this link. All the best to each of you. 🙂